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Gorgeous Wedding Venues in Northamptonshire

Updated: Apr 9

As a wedding photographer, I get to see a lot of lovely venues near and far. But being based in Corby, a lot of the places I photograph are within the borders of my home county, Northamptonshire. Set in the middle of the UK, Northamptonshire offers some beautiful wedding venue locations, from cosy barns to stately homes, there's something for everyone.

I absolutely love all sorts of weddings, whether you're marrying your best friend in a simple ceremony at the registry office, or opting for a fancier affair, Northamptonshire has some great wedding venues to choose from. Over the last few years, I've been making a mental note of some of my favourite wedding venues and to help you find the perfect place to tie the knot, I've listed them below.

Grendon Lakes: The Lakeside Paradise

Grendon Lakes is an absolutely stunning location with plenty of outdoor space for group photographs and couple sessions. If you're treated to a warm day, you can get married under the canopy with the lake only meters away and then be whisked away for some romantic wedding photographs in the open fields or cosy grassy lanes that surround the venue. However, the beauty of Grendon Lakes is that they've ensured their indoor setting is just as beautiful as their outdoor, so if you do get wind and rain, you're wedding will be just as gorgeous in the log-cabin inspired venue as it would have been outdoors.

Deene Park Weddings: The Perfect Stately Home

If you want a wedding venue that'll make your guests gasp, then Deene Park Weddings is the one. A magnificent stately home set just a few miles outside of Corby, Deene Park has acres of grassy land, woodland and lakes to take advantage of on your wedding day. The special thing about their venue is you have three options to choose from, each offering a gorgeous outdoor setting for your special day. The Walled Garden, Dibbins Wood, or Lakeside are absolutely to die for and to be honest, it'll be a hard choice when you've seen them all. In 2023, we photographed a beautiful wedding in the Walled Garden, taking advantage of the beautiful florals that surrounded the area, the courtyard and of course, the picture perfect bridge.

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill Weddings: A Wonderful Mix of Inside and Out

With it's high-ceiling ceremony barn, outdoor bar, and grassy lawn, The Barns at Hunsbury Hill offers the perfect relaxed environment to marry your soulmate. It's intimate location, surrounded by rolling countryside means you can enjoy your day in whichever way you want. Take advantage of the large open barn doors in the heat of the summer, bask in the beautiful golden hour sunsets, and dance the night away on a perfectly sized dance floor.

The Cube, Corby: A Registry Office Like No Other

It's not everyday you'd expect to find a registry office on a list of gorgeous wedding venues in Northamptonshire, however, I like to be a little bit different. Although it may not be a stately home, or countryside barn, The Cube in Corby offers a very contemporary wedding setting for your special day. Unlike your typical council buildings, The Cube's architecture means you'll benefit from beautiful natural window light, wooden panelling, and concrete pillars that'll create some epic wedding photography. Depending on where you host your reception, you'll also then have the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas for some romantic and intimate couples photographs, whether you decide to drive out to the countryside, stop at a local sweet spot such as Coronation Park, or take advantage of the woodland just next door.

If you're planning to get married in Northamptonshire, be sure to take a look at a range of venues as you just never know what might take your fancy! Bookings are open for 2024 and 2025 weddings so check out our wedding photography details and get in touch.

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