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5 family photography locations around Corby

If you're looking to update your family album but aren't sure where the best place will be, this handy little guide will show you some of our favourite outdoor locations near Corby. Each of these spaces are included within our family photography packages with no additional travel costs, so you can enjoy these beautiful spaces with your loved ones.

We love both countryside and quirky village locations and have included images from our favourite places below.

East Carlton Country Park

A classic Corby location, East Carton Park is just a 10-minute drive (if that) from the town centre. There's plenty of different locations to use within the park including the iconic log cabin, a spinner surrounded by tall trees and a footpath overlooking the fields of the Welland Valley. You can even spend time before or after your shoot playing at the park or grabbing a coffee (just don't spill it!) What more could you want?

A young girl hugs her mother who is facing away from the camera.

Barnwell Country Park

On the outskirts of Oundle, Barnwell Country Park has a beautiful lakeside walk and plenty of greenery to make magical memories with your family. There are some less-walked footpaths through the park as well so we can keep things quiet and stay away from the main hustle and bustle.

A pregant woman in a purple dress faces to the left while standing in front of lots of trees and bushes

Oundle Village

If you like the idea of a vintage location that boasts character and English charm, then having your family photography session in Oundle is a must. We have a perfect route through the town that allows for some fantastic backdrops, especially for senior photography sessions or maternity photography sessions.

A family of three sit on some stone steps in front of a very old building

Harringworth Village

With a beautiful mixture of countryside and village vibes, our hour long route through Harringworth village is perfect for our Family Album package. We'll take a stroll down a leafy lane, before cutting through a field of horses and making our way to the infamous Welland Valley Viaduct.

Three children run joyfully towards the camera in a field

Weldon Woodland Park

Nestled in Weldon village, the woodland park is a lovely quiet spot for your family memories. With plenty of secret hideaway spots, you'll get a mixture of large open spaces and sweet leafy lanes in your final gallery. There's allow a lake that makes for some perfect sunset shots in the early evening.

A family of four including a newborn face each other while laughing happily in an open field.

Other family photography locations in Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Based in Corby, we have plenty of stunning locations nearby suitable for family photography sessions. Uppingham, Fotheringhay, Wansford, Fineshade Woods, Fermyn Woods, Rutland Water, are all areas we've photographed in the past. If you have a vision for you session let us know!

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