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A lot of brides have a vision of their wedding day and want to fill it full with things that are special to them. Lucy absolutely loves her cottage garden and I couldn't believe it when I found out she was GROWING all her own flowers. Apparently, her little plot of land wasn't quite big enough either, so friends and family all chipped in, fostering plants until the day came for them to shine. And they did shine. Taking centre stage was Lucy's beautiful bouquet, with every single flower chosen for its perfect shade of pink. 

Lucy and Charlie organised a beautiful wedding at Brooksby Hall. The guests were smiling ear to ear all day, and it was just perfect. From the cake hand delivered by Bridies Cakes in Essex, down to the adorable little flower girls, there wasn't a thing out of place.


After a short and sweet ceremony, we wondered the gorgeous gardens of Brooksby College to capture that newly wedded bliss before heading into the perfectly decorated reception hall for some food.


As the sun started setting over the estate, we snapped a few extra shots of The Lycett's secret first dance before head back in to show off the real dance moves.


I just want to say, once again, a huge congratulations to the amazing Mr & Mrs Lycett!

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