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Please use this page to purchase your nursery pack online. Choose one of the packs below and show proof of payment to the nursery office before taking away your photographs. Please leave a note in the box with the filenames of your chosen images if this is you ordering EXTRA prints.


Pick and Mix Prices (Minumum two framed prints per order please)

Keyring Size: £1 - please order blank keyring too if you need one

Small: £10 

Large: £15



(A) 3 x Small £25

(B) 2 x Large £25

(C) 3 x Large £35

(D1) 2 Small + 2 Large £38

(D) 2 Small + 2 Large + 6 Keyring Size £42 (includes 2 blank keyrings)

(E) 3 Small + 3 Large + 12 Keyring Size: £50 (includes 2 blank keyrings)

Stanion Pre-School Nursery Packs

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